SDI, Inc. makes a commitment to ISO 8000 data quality and data portability by joining ECCMA

//SDI, Inc. makes a commitment to ISO 8000 data quality and data portability by joining ECCMA

SDI, Inc. is a leading provider of supply chain management and procurement services for Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) materials and services. SDI, Inc recently joined ECCMA as a full member, with the specific intent of improving the quality of their master data to better support their wide client base.

Commenting on SDI’s commitment to open standards for data quality and portability, Peter Benson, Executive Director of ECCMA said, “Procurement and inventory management of MRO materials is a significant challenge for most companies because of the thousands of materials and suppliers. Despite significant investment in inventory and the risk of production interruption from the lack of availability of what is often an otherwise insignificant part, few companies have the internal resources to manage MRO materials efficiently. The result is higher inventory and higher operating costs typically measured in millions of dollars. The SDI procurement team are experts in MRO materials – they know the best suppliers and the best prices. Working with ECCMA, SDI is implementing ISO 8000 to ensure that its customer’s data is managed in an ISO 8000 environment that guarantees true data portability.”

ISO 8000 data portability is the guarantee that quality data can be efficiently and safely moved from one application to another. Without ISO 8000 portability, access to data can easily be lost as data becomes inseparable from the proprietary data in a licensed application or comingled with the data that belongs to the service provider.

SDI will be working with ECCMA to add the universal open standard for supplier identification, the Authoritative Legal Entity Identifier (ALEI) to its supplier master and combining this with the annual validation of its supplier master using the ECCMA simplified Universal Supplier Onboarding process.

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