Should you be an ECCMA Member?

ECCMA is a not for profit membership association, it is owned by its members and it invests on their behalf in the development of tools and standards that members can use to improve the value of their master data. ECCMA employees and consultants are seasoned experts in the field of data modelling, enterprise architecture, data governance, master data management, data cleansing, cataloguing and classification. If you are trying to improve the value of your master data then you [...]

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Where is the money in quality master data?

The low hanging fruit is duplicate identification. Duplicate records in the vendor, customer or material (item) master can lead to unnecessary cost and risk. Different spelling of vendor or customer names leads to lost opportunities to reduce cost or increase sales (as well as many potential legal issues) but duplication in the material master or worse missing material master records that result in maverick purchasing, is a widespread problem that represents the greatest opportunity to reduce cost quickly. [...]

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